Simple Ways to Manage Bronchitis

Bronchitis is a respiratory condition where there is inflammation in the lining of the bronchial tubes which lead to the lungs. The illness that is commonly caused by viruses or bacteria can be termed acute bronchitis. Chronic bronchitis is caused by prolonged irritation of the lungs due to smoking or excessive exposure to harmful chemicals.


There are simple ways that might help in the management of bronchitis:

Avoid pollution by stopping smoking and avoiding smoke from other tobacco users, also avoid smoke polluted areas and wear a mask if needed.

Use a vaporizer or humidifier to moisten the air. This helps loosen thick mucus and ease breathing.

A warm water bottle or hot towel placed against your back or chest before sleeping may help decrease inflammation.

Cold weather will usually aggravate bronchitis so it may help to cover your mouth and nose when outside in cold temperatures.

Avoid using cough suppressants when possible because coughing is how you expel mucus. However, cough suppressants could be taken at bedtime if needed in order to sleep.

Take medicine as prescribed. Don't stop or miss a dose, and complete the entire prescribed duration. To help avoid side effects, use inhalers or medicine only in proper dosages.

Watch your nutrition and drink more warm liquids including soups, tea, and water. Stay away from foods that stimulate mucus formation such as flour, milk, canned foods, poultry and any foods that cause allergy symptoms.

The following are some old home remedies for managing bronchitis. These are for informational purposes only. You should always consult a doctor to help you manage your condition.

A mix of cucumber and vinegar may be helpful in reducing bacteria in the respiratory tract and make for easier mucus expectoration.

A mixture of water and powdered charcoal to produce a slushy drink and taken in 4-6 hour intervals may help absorb bacteria which can then be eliminated through your bowels.

A mixture of organic juice and oil of frankincense, 2 drops 3 times a day for 3 days followed the next three days with a mixture of oregano and thyme, may help relieve shortness of breath.

Breathe steam from hot boiled water by placing your face closely to the bowl and covering your head and bowl with a towel to catch all the steam. This technique may be useful to help loosen up phlegm.

Firm but gentle clapping of the back when patient is laying down with his upper body hanging over the bed, will help drain out mucus. This process is uncomfortable and may even be unsafe if done incorrectly. Ask your doctor to show you the proper procedure.

If symptoms of bronchitis last longer than a week with yellow, green or rust colored mucus, or if you have severe coughing or chest pain, it is important to visit your physician. Consulting with your doctor first is important for proper treatment of bronchitis.


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